Dalton Farms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the festival run? A. Depending on weather and the flowers we should be open until October 6th.

Q, Can I cut sunflowers? A. Of course you can! In fact we encourage it. Flowers are $2 a stalk(not bloom as some of them are multi flower). You can use your own utensil to cut your flowers, buy a set of shears from us at $3 or rent for $5.

Q. What do I get for my entry fee? A. During the week you get access to the fields, flowers, lake, and have the ability to take pictures. On the weekends we will other vendors and activities including a free hay ride (ride as many times as you like), free hay maze for the kids, and free face painting. We will also have food vendors on site providing food to include roasted corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage sandwiches, cotton candy, shaved water ice, french fries, and beverages Depending upon the weekend day, we will also have paddle boats, kayaks, canoes, bounce houses, vegetable launching, and pony rides.

Q. Can I take pictures? A. Of course you can! We encourage you to post your pictures and tell your friends about your experience at Dalton Farms. We ask that you are courteous to the flowers when taking your photos. If you are a professional photographer, or charging someone a fee to take their pictures during a photo shoot with props etc, there is a fee of $100 hr.

Q. Why aren’t the ponies here today? A. On any given day we may/may not have specific vendors here at Dalton Farms due to weather or scheduling conflicts. Please see our liability release/waiver at the check in desks for clarity.

No Pets. Although we are pet friendly, for the safety of our guests we ask that you leave your pets at home. All service animals will be admitted.

No drones allowed as we are in the flight path of Philadelphia International Airport

Smoking – It is an outdoor event and people are allowed to smoke. We ask that you take your cigarette butts with you and please keep the farm beautiful