Tour of Tulips

Dalton Farms NJ COVID-19 (Coronavirius) Response:
We at Dalton Farms wanted to take a moment to reach out to our community and hope you and your family are safe, secure and healthy.

As we evaluate our place in these unprecedented times, our thoughts are
with all those affected by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We believe it is more important than ever to act in the best health and safety interests of our employees, customers and community.

We are actively monitoring and adapting to the ever-changing CDC and WHO guidelines, as well as, New Jersey Governor Murphy’s orders.

In light of this, we still hope to offer the joy and cheer tulips can bring to our guests and community.  As you visit our farm, our tulip fields will be open to enjoy from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle.


Q: How do I purchase tickets?
A: Tickets can be purchased through the Ticketleap link on our homepage when they become available or by clicking here.

Q: How much is it to see the tulips this year?
A: $20 per passenger vehicle.

Q: Can we get out of our vehicles?
A: No. To keep our patrons and staff safe you must remain in your vehicle at all times.

Q: What activities will be offered during the event?
A: Unfortunately due to the current circumstances and regulations, there will not be any activities/vendors for this Festival.  We will however have our honey available for purchase.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the farm on the day of my visit?
A: No. Tickets must be purchased online ahead of your visit.  Tickets will be available for either a morning or afternoon session.

Q: Can I change the time of my ticket?
A: No.  Once the ticket is purchased, you can not change your entry time.  Tickets will become invalid and not be able to be redeemed once the purchased session ends.

Q: Does it matter how many people are in the vehicle?
A: No. The price is $20 per passenger vehicle regardless of the number of individuals.  Passenger vehicles only, no buses allowed.

Q: What is the latest time that we can enter the farm to view the tulips from the comfort of your vehicle?
A: 6pm.  Late entry will be at the discretion of the owners.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the drive through tulip field?
A: Yes you may. Your pet must stay in the vehicle at all times.

Q: Can I get out of my car and take pictures?
A: No you are not allowed to get out of your car. All pictures of the tulips must be taken from inside your vehicle.

Q:Can I still pick tulips?
A: No. You must remain in your vehicle at all times

NO DRONES ALLOWED: We are in the flight path of Philadelphia International Airport.

SMOKING: It is an outdoor event and people are allowed to smoke. We ask that you take your cigarette butts with you and please keep the farm beautiful.